August 29, 2017 Leigh Statham

All Things New and Shiny


Original cover with artwork by Phoebe Randall Currently still living on Wattpad

If you’ve followed my career for the last decade or so, you’ll know that Daughter4254 was one of my first novels. I have come back to the world, the characters, and the writing over and over again through the years. When it didn’t initially sell (2010-ish?) I decided to turn it loose on Wattpad. There it found a life of its own and flourished. I really enjoyed using that medium to get to know other writers, read their comments and feedback on D4254 and provide feedback on their work in return. I can’t say enough about how great that community is.

I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a Top 10 dystopian YA book twice on Wattpad, once for the movie release of Divergent, and once for the movie release of The Fifth Wave. This lead to a huge boost in followers and readers and a bit more publicity.

Then came the book deal.

After years of writing and publishing other books, Daughter4254 was sitting on one million reads and Owl Hollow Press decided to take a shot on my pet project. I’m more than thrilled to be working with the amazing staff there and I think it’s a timely book for kids and adults today.DaughterPostcard

More and more schools are threatening to remove art, music, creative writing, and even P.E. from their curriculums. This book gives us a glimpse of what life would look like without all the creative arts we love today and testifies to the fact that even if future generations don’t know what art is, it’s still a part of our souls.

I hope you get a chance to read it and enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed being this books “mom.”


Blog tour and reviewer sign ups are open now at Owl Hollow Press